Welcome to Esha's online audio library. The library was initially created for the use of the visually challenged, but has found other uses since. Some of the content here is copyright protected for all users who are not visually challenged. Against each file, you will see a marker - Free for all. if the value in this marker is "y", that content can be downloaded and shared with anyone. If the value is "n", the content is for the use of the visually challenged. You understand and accept that you will be in violation of law if you download copyright protected content from here and use it for someone who is not visually challenged.

You can, however, download and use the non-copyright protected content for our other beneficiary groups:
1. print disabled children and adults. (adults and children who cannot read)
2. Children in remote areas and underprivileged backgrounds who do not have access to libraries or reference material.
3. Girl children who are not sent to school.
4. Other users will benefit from this content - e.g., muscular dystrophy, dyslexia, older people who struggle with age related vision problems et al.

Please do take care to use this content only for the purposes specified above. We look forward to your continued support and hope you enjoy the experience of being here.

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